For extremely creative and colorful photos, look no further than White Hot Phoenix Photography. Not only do the photos capture the eye, they also provoke the imagination. For anything from portraits to beautiful landscapes, they do an outstanding job. Check them out for yourself!

-Connie R.

Gabe, I absolutely LOOOOOVE the work that you and Amanda did on my photos. Coming from an extremely picky person with discriminating taste, you guys at White Hot Phoenix are incredible! I searched/researched the city for the best photographers for two weeks. I needed professional pictures to showcase me in a sensual, yet tactful AND edgy manner; all at the same time. All three words requested together sounded impossible or too outside-the-box for some talent, but your team saw my vision right away and seamlessly delivered just that! I appreciate the time and all of the hard work that WHP took to perfect a perfectionist's vision and turn it into reality for me for my project. In my opinion, you have to be one of the most talented photographers in this area. And I now consider it very fortunate to have found your studio. I will do business with for as long as I live here. And when I move, I'm packing WHP with my check-in luggage ;)
-Kia L.

Gabe, as usual, these are absolutely inspired photos. Honestly, these are incredible images! Your photography is generally and specifically incredible!

-Carrie B.

I was a maturing makeup artist when I heard that I might get the opportunity to work with White Hot Phoenix Photography. I can honestly say that Amanda and Gabe made me feel a part of the process; I truly felt as though I were a member of the team. They were warm, inviting, and extremely professional. There were two main things that left an impression on me: one, how personable they were, and two, how tirelessly they worked to make the customer happy. They tediously worked with the customer to literally create the desired theme and mood. It was an awesome experience and it was something that I was proud to be a part of. I’ll be the first to say that I’d work with them again in a heartbeat!

-Cheryl G.
Freelance Makeup Artist

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't ask this talented artist a photography question. Who am I talking about? I'm talking about the crew known as White Hot Phoenix. Whether it's an image shot or processed by Amanda or Gabe, the result is magic. From the hyper colors to nostalgic art, this duo has photography by the neck and won't let go. It was their work that made me aware of how important developing your sense of style is. I know years from now I'll look back and remember how much Gabe helped me with technical and history aspects of photography. If you can think of a question, HE KNOWS IT. Gabe is one of my good friends and a true scholar in this game, I can count on him to dissect my images and give me TRUE constructive criticism and that is worth its weight in gold. Thanks brother.

-Michael Jones, Photographer

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