About us

Gabe Almaraz and Amanda Ogletree are the creative team behind White Hot Phoenix. Photography is Gabe’s specialty while Amanda exercises her expertise in illustration and creative writing. Both born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas they moved to Austin when Amanda was accepted into the University of Texas. Amanda graduated from the University of Texas in 2009. By combining their passions they create dynamic and attention-grabbing imagery fueled by color and love.

Gabe has been practicing photojournalism since 1999 shooting black and white film that was self-processed in a dark room and has recently begun exploring the rest of the spectrum of photographic arts. He strives for simplicity in his photography and prides himself on his ability to convey complex ideas and meaning through photography and photographic manipulation. He actively studies the techniques and styles of photography masters such as Alfred Eisenstaedt, Eddie Adams, and Dorothea Lange. He strives to better his work every day. He is inspired by all forms of art and science, including filmographers such as Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze, musicians such as The Weakerthans, Gorillaz, RJD2, Modest Mouse, and The Blue Hit.

Amanda is the daughter of award-winning photographer Bruce Ogletree and it definitely shows. Her childhood experiences with photography have given her a finely honed sense of photographic composition, quick and creative problem solving skills, and an untouchable polish to all White Hot Phoenix photos.

We love to travel and we are happy traveling anywhere in the world for your photography needs including weddings, portraits, architecture, and more from Chicago to Timbuktu!

We are members of the Professional Photographers of America.

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